WEEKDAY bomber and belt | URBAN OUTFITTERS trousers | ASKET sweatshirt | VANS sneakers | ASOS beanie

In the past days I bought this reversible bomber from Weekday, but I had just a few chances to wear it before the heatwave exploded. I'm very disappointed about that since I expected to have a little bit of time before to pass to the summer's wardrobe. 
So unfortunately this will probably be the last time that you'll see it on the blog until next year.


  1. I love your aesthetics. We definitely share the love for black colour. It will stay with me forever. The combination of cropped trousers and sneakers is on point and this jacket is my favourite piece. The whole look is just great!

    1. Thank you so much Jay! I really appreciated your comments ;)

  2. Nice Jacket is this that He had wear in